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Current Albania flag
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Design and Description of Albania flag :-

Albania flag consist of red field and a double headed black eagle positioned vertically on it. one head is facing hoist side and the other one in opposite direction.the Albanian eagle has been adopted from a folk tale,it represent the eagle is watching and taking care of the King of Albania who even referred as “son of Eagle”. it has proportion of about Albanian flag was originally adopted in 1912, it was re-adopted on 7 April 1992 when Albania again became republic.

Albania flag is also often known as ‘flamur e Skenderbeut’ (Skanderbeg’s flag).

Meaning of Albania flag :-

Red color on Albania flag represent the blood, blood of all those who sacrificed their lives during the 1912 awakening movement of Albania.

Black eagle was adopted from Albanian folks, it represent that King is being guarded and watched by that eagle, eagle protects him and watch over him, even the President or King in Albania even referred as “son of eagle”.

Colors of Albania flag :-

the official color scheme of Albanian flag has been given in table below,

Albanian flag color scheme :-

Color Scheme

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204, 0, 1

0, 0, 0

CMYK0, 1, 0.2, 0.2

0, 0, 1, 1

Albania flag history and previous images of Albanian flag :-

Albanian Awakening movement flag in 19th Century :-

This flag was adopted by rebels during late 19th and early 20th century, during the national awakening movement which was started in 1870 until the declaration of freedom of Albania in 1912. The concept of red color and two head eagle was used in this flag which has been continued in current designs with slight modifications. a six corner white star was at the top of the eagle. it was used by Skanderbeg who was the first leader to raised rebellion for the freedom of Albania against Ottoman Empire.

national awakening movement duration Albania flag

Independent Albania flag during 1912-1914:-

this flag was adopted after the Independence of Albania in 1912, the red field and two head eagle remain same, but slight modifications were made in eagle’s shape . also six pointed white flag has been removed. it was use from 1912 to 1914.

Independent Albania flag

Alternate flag in 1912 :-

this was the Alternate flag of Independent Albania in 1912. it has the white six pointed flag which was used in first flag. also the shape of eagle was different in that flag.

Alternate Independent Albania flag

Principality of Albania flag :-

This was the flag of Principality of Albania used during 1914 to 1920, it was actually a short lived monarchy. red field remain same and some modifications were made in eagle’s shape and six corner white star flag at the top remain same.

Principality of Albania

De facto flag of Principality of Albania :-

This flag was also designed in 1914 but it was not officially adopted.

De facto principality of Albania flag

Principality of Albania and Albanian Republic flag :-

this flag was adopted in 1920 till 1926, it was used by both Principality of Albania since 1925 and also by Albanian republic till 1926.

Principality and Republic of Albania flag


Albanian Republic Flag :-

Albanian republic then adopt new flag in 1926 which remain till 1928, again the modifications were made in eagle’s design and it was restored to the design which was used in first ever flag of Albania Awakening movement.

Republic of Albania flag

Flag of Kingdom of Albania :-

Monarchy was declared in Albania in 1928 and it remain till 1939, they adopted a new flag and again the eagle design was modified, that design was quite similar with the design of Current Albanian flag, also a  golden crown of deer shaped was placed at the top of the Eagle.

Kingdom of Albania flag

Flag of Albanian Kingdom under Italy :-

Albania existed as a protectorate of the Kingdom of Italy and known as Albanian Kingdom in 1939, the flag was adopted at that time bearing two headed eagle on a shield.and two pillers. the italian motto FERT was written at the bottom the Pillers and also at was the motto of the Royal House of Italy, the House of Savoy, was adopted by King Vittorio Amedeo II (1666–1732).Kingdom of Albania flag under Italy

Albania flag under Germany :-

Albania came under German control in 1943-44, and the flag was again changed, all the italian symbols were removed from the flag and the eagle was move slightly towards the hoist side from the center.

Albania flag under German rule

Democratic Government of Albania flag :-

The Democratic Government of Albania was established on 20 October 1944 by the National Liberation Movement, which was under Communist influence. hence the flag of that time has famous Communist symbols Hammer and Sickle were placed at the top left corner (hoist side) of the flag and the eagle was again move back to center.this remains Albanian flag until 1946.

Democratic Government of Albania flag

Flag of the People’s Socialist Republic of Albania :-

Albania was a socialist state that ruled Albania from 1946 to its fall in 1992, Throughout this period Albania had a reputation for its Stalinist style of state administration dominated by the Enver Hoxha and the Party of Labour of Albania. the flag of that time had Communist red star at the top of the two-headed eagle. the star was the famous symbol of Communist government.

People's Socialist Republic of Albania flag

Current Albanian flag :-

Communist government in Albania was collapsed in 1992 and country again become republic. then communist star was removed from the flag and the rest of the flag remains the same as of previous one.

Current Albania flag

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