Andorra flag: Colors, meaning and history

current Andorra flag
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Design and Description of Andorra flag :-

Andorra flag is a tri-color flag having three vertical stripes of Blue(hoist side) yellow (center) and red (right most side) colors. The Coat of Arms of Andorra has been placed at the center ( on Yellow Stripe) of the flag of Andorra. The Coat of Arms of Andorra contains the heraldic device consisting of a shield divided into four equal parts by the arms of the Bishop of Urgell and the Count of Foix  (historically been the two co-princes of Andorra) and the emblems of Catalonia and the Viscount of Béarn. Utilized unofficially since the Middle Ages.The motto at the bottom of the shield says “VIRTUS UNITA FORTIOR” translates as ” Strength United is Stronger.

Yellow stripe on flag of Andorra is slightly wider than other two stripes, though in first glance they appear equal. Ratio of Stripes of flag of Andorra is 8:9:8 and the ratio of flag is 7:10.

Andorra flag was adopted in 1866 and it is said that it was designed by emperor Napoleon III. The flag joins the colors blue and red, two colors from French flag, and the colors yellow and red are said to represent the colors of Spanish flag.

meaning of Andorra flag :-

The colors of Andorra flag has been adopted from French tri-color and Spanish flag. they represent the same meaning as these flags do. also the colors styling shows the great influence of France on Andorra rather than Spain.

colors of Andorra flag :-

the color scheme of flag of Andorra has been given in the table below.

Andorra flag colors scheme :-

Color Scheme

Blue (Pantone)Yellow(Pantone)EcruWhite

Vermilion red

RGB0, 24, 168254, 223, 0199, 179, 127255, 255, 255213, 43, 30
CMYK1, 0.857, 0.341, 0.3410, 0.122, 0.003, 0.0030, 0.100, 0.219, 0.2190, 0, 0, 00, 0.798, 0.164, 0.164

Andorra flag history :-

Andorra flag 1806-1866 :-

This was the flag of Andorra during 1806 to 1866. it was a bi-color flag having two vertical stripes of Yellow (hoist side) and red. both are the colors of Spain and hence shows the dominance of Spain on Andorra.

Andorra flag in 1806

Andorra flag 1866-1934 :-

In 1866 current colors of Andorra flag were adopted. the blue stripe was added to previous colors as well as the pattern of stripes was changed from vertical to horizontal. the blue and red color represents the France and red and Yellow represent the Spain. the crown was placed in the middle of the flag to show the dominance of both France and Spain over Andorra.

Andorra flag in 1934

Current Andorra flag – :-

Current flag of Andorra is said to be adopted in 1973. the design and colors remain similar with the previous flag. but the pattern of stripes was change to vertical one. and unlike the stripes have equal in size in previous version a slight modification in size of Yellow stripe has been made. also the crown has been replaced by the national coat of arms of Andorra to represent that Andorra is now neither dominated by France nor by Spain and they are a free nation.

current Andorra flag


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