Austria flag

Austria flag
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Design and Description of Austria flag :-

Austria flag has been divided into three horizontal bands. upper band is red color then a white band in middle and again red band at bottom. Austrian flag design is actually based on the coat of arms of Babenberg dynasty. the colors are said to be adopted from the colors of the  clothes of Duke Leopold V of Austria. when his white dress was filled with blood.

Design of flag of Austria is quite similar with Peru flag , bi-color tri-band with red and white colors, the difference is just that Peruvian flag is divided into vertical bands while Austrian flag has been divided into horizontal bands. It was adopted in 1918. Babenberg dynasty coat of arms on which Austria flag is based on

Babenberg Dynasty Coat of arms which also consider as initial design behind Austrian flag.

Meaning of Austria flag :-

Red color in Austria flag symbolizes the blood, the blood of Duke Leopold V of Austria which was spilled during the Siege of Acre. he was wearing a white sucrcoat which was completely drenched with blood but the part which was under his belt remain unstained. so Austrian flag was designed on the bases of that Surcoat colors of Duke.

so Red color represent the blood and white color represent the color of Surcoat of Duke Leopold V.

Colors of Austria flag :-

the Color scheme of Austrian flag is given in table below.

Color Scheme of Austrian flag :-


Imperial Red


CMYK0, 0.827, 0.070, 0.0700,0,0,0

History of Austria flag :-

History of Austrian flag traced back in 13th century when Austria wanted to get out of Roman Influence. they wanted to become more independent from Holy Roman Empire. So in 1230 their Duke Friedrich II decided to adopt the red-white-red flag for Austria.

Then during Habsburg Monarchy the National flag of Austria was Black and Yellow since 1918, Yellow and Black were the family colors of House Habsburg.

flag of Habsburg Monarchy used as Austria flag

Flag of Habsburg Monarchy

Later in 1938 Austria become part of Nazi Germany and thus flag of Nazi Germany had been used until Allied forces occupied it in 1945. then in 1955 it became fully independent and again adopted its old red-white-red version of flag.

The current version was then adopted in april 1984.

Austria flag

Current version of Austrian flag

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