Barbados flag : colors, meaning and history

current Barbados flag
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Barbados flag design and description :-

Barbados flag is a bi-color flag having three vertical bands of ultramarine blue at hoist side then yellow in middle and ultramarine blue colors. A black trident head, commonly called the broken trident, is placed at the center, in the golden band. Proportion of Barbados flag is 2:3.

Barbados flag was adopted on 30th November 1966, it was designed by Grantley W. Prescod and was chosen from over thousands entries received during an open competition arranged by the Barbados government. it was raised first time by Lieutenant Hartley Dottin of the Barbados Regiment on first independence day of Barbados.

meaning of Barbados flag :-

Blue color on flag of Barbados represents the ocean and sky. there for blue color is both side of the flag to represent that island of Barbados is surrounded by ocean from both sides. also it shows the sky above the Barbados Soil.

Golden Yellow color on flag of Barbados shows the sand and the land of Barbados.

Black color Trident or broken trident shows the break of colony of Barbados to its independence, the three parts of Trident represents three points

  1. government of the people,
  2. government for the people, and
  3. government by the people.

colors of Barbados flag :-

the color scheme of flag of Barbados is given in following table.

Color Scheme of Barbados flag :-

Scheme color

Resolution BlueSunglow Yellow






0, 38, 127255, 199, 38

0, 0, 0


1, 0.700, 0.501, 0.5010, 0.219, 0, 0

0, 0, 1, 1

History of Barbados flag :-

 Flag of the West Indies Federation (pre-independence flag of Barbados) :-

This flag was Known as “Sun and Seas Flag”. it was used from 1958 to 1962. this flag contains a blue field along with four wavy horizontal bars of white color divided in two pairs. the top pair of bars being parallel and the lower pair also parallel) and an orange  yellow sun in the center. Barbados was actually a part of federation of West Indies for four years and this flag used as combined flag for all other colonies which were part of this federation.

flag of West Indies federation pre independence Barbados flag

Colonial flag of Barbados :-

This flag was used when Barbados was a British colony. this  flag had Union jack at top left (hoist side) of the flag and emblem of Barbados at the center.

pre-independent Barbados flag

Current Barbados flag :-

After Independence from British Colonial rule, Government of Barbados held a nation wide contest for the design of new flag to represent Independent Barbados. Among almost 1039 entries the design of Mr. Prescod had been selected and decided to be the first flag of Barbados. and on first independence day of Barbados (30 november 1966) it was raised for the first time by Lieutenant Hartley Dottin of the Barbados Regiment.

The trident was adopted from previous flag-charge, which showed Britannia holding a trident (symbol for it’s rule
and influence of over the seas). In current flag the trident shaft is broken which shows the break with the colonial past. Simultaneously it symbolizes the sea god Neptune and reflects the sea’s large significance for Barbados.”

current Barbados flag









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