Bolivia flag: colors, meaning and History

Current Bolivia flag
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Bolivia flag design and description :-

Bolivia flag is a tri-color flag having horizontal stripes of red (at top), yellow (in middle) and red (at bottom) colors. it is also defined as the a tricolor rectangle, with the colors red, yellow and green. The ratio of the size of stripes is 1:1:1. The national coat of arms of Bolivia are placed at the center of the flag. Coat of arms contain a central cartouche surrounded by Bolivian flags, muskets, laurel branches, and has an Andean condor on top. Coat of arms on Bolivian flag are actually the only difference between the designs of Bolivia flag and Ghana flag.

Bolivia flag was adopted on October 31, 1851. it has a rectangular shape with proportion of 15:22.

Bolivia flag meaning :-

Red color  on Bolivian flag shows the sacrifices of all those who were martyred for freedom of Bolivia.

Golden Yellow color on Bolivia flag represent the mineral resources and the rich soil of Bolivia.

Green color on Bolivian flag symbolizes the agriculture and the green plain of country of Bolivia as well as hope, a foundational value of Bolivian society .

Bolivia flag colors :-

Exact colors of Flag of Bolivia which also have been established by the Supreme Decree of 2004 are defined in the table given below.

Bolivia flag Color Scheme :-

Color SchemeRedYellowGreen
RGB (hex)213-43-30 (#D52B1E)252-209-22 (#FCD116)0-121-52 (#007934)


History of Bolivia flag :-

Bolivian flag 1825-1826 :-

this flag was the first flag used in Bolivia since it gained independence from Spain on August 6, 1825, it was a bi color flag having three horizontal stripes of green,red and green colors. red stripe is bigger as compare to the green stripes and a yellow five pointed star encircled with a branch of wheat and a flower at the center of the flag. this version of flag of Bolivia was used for a very short time and was abondoned in 1826.

Bolivia flag in 1825

Bolivian flag 1826-1851 :-

This version of Bolivia flag was very similar with the current flag. it had same color stripes but with different combination. yellow on top, red in middle and green at the bottom. this flag remain Bolivian national flag from 1926 to 1851.

Bolivia flag during 1826-1851

Current Bolivian flag 1851- :-

Current Bolivian flag was adopted in 1851. its initial design was adopted from previous version with slight changes in pattern of stripes and national coat of arms of Bolivia had been placed at the center of the flag.

Current Bolivia flag

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