Bulgaria flag:colors, meaning and history

Current Bulgaria flag
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Bulgaria flag design and description :-

Bulgaria flag is a tri-color flag with three equal sized horizontal stripes, upper stripe is white then green in middle and red stripe at the bottom of the flag. the colors of were adopted from Russian flag. the proportion of Bulgarian flag is 3:5.

The current design of Bulgarian flag was adopted in 1878 and then it was re-adopted in 1991.

the flag was described in the Tarnovo Constitution of 1879 as follows:

“ Art. 23. The Bulgarian people’s flag is three-coloured and consists of white, green and red colours, placed horizontally

meaning of Bulgaria flag :-

White color in Bulgarian flag symbolizes generosity, frankness, peace and prosperity of the nation.

Green stripe represent the agricultural development of Bulgaria. Green stripe replaced the blue stripe.

Red color represent the courage and love.

the white and red colors have the same meaning as they have in Russian flag.

Colors of Bulgaria flag :-

Colors of Bulgarian flag were adopted from Russian flag during the Russo-Turk war in 1978, Bulgaria gained independence after that war. the color scheme of Bulgarian flag is given in table below.

Color Scheme of Bulgarian flag :-

Color Scheme


Green Cyan

Vermilion red




255, 255, 255

0, 150, 110

214, 38, 18


0, 0, 0, 01, 0, 0.411, 0.411

0, 0.822, 0.160, 0.160

Pantone Textile scale

Greater than 80% whiteness

17-5936 TCX

18-1664 TCX

Bulgaria flag history and previous images of Bulgarian flag :-

Bulgarian flag of Serbian-Turkish war :-

This flag was used in 1877-78 during Serbian-Turkish war. although the flag was used in Serbia, but it was brought by Bulgarians therefore it is considered as Bulgarian flag. the flag was basically adopted from Russian flag.


First Bulgaria flag

Bulgarian flag from 1878 to 1946 :-

this flag has the same design as current Bulgarian flag, the green color was adopted to represent the Bulgaria as Agricultural country. also blue color which was adopted from Russian flag was removed. this flag was a tri-color having white, green and red horizontal stripes of equal size. it has been used for a very long time during the era of Principality of  Bulgaria(1878-1908) as well as during the era of Kingdom of Bulgaria(1908-1946).

Current Bulgaria flag


Flag of Bulgaria 1946-1948 :-

this version of Bulgarian flag was adopted in 1946, during the era of People’s Republic of Bulgaria. the design was similar with the previous one. the coat of arms of Bulgaria of that time has been placed at the top left side (hoist side) of the flag . the coat of arms bears a lion on red field and a Communist red star at the top of the arms.

Bulgaria flag in 1946

Bulgaria flag 1948-1967 :-

This flag was again adopted during the era of Peoples Republic of Bulgaria, again the flag was same and slight modification was made in coat of arms. the red field has been replaced by blue field. the lion and red star remains same.

Bulgaria flag in 1948

Bulgaria flag 1967-1971 :-

another version adopted during 1967 to 1971 in the era of Peoples republic of Bulgaria. the slight modification in design of Emblem .

Bulgaria flag in 1967

Flag of Bulgaria 1971-1990 :-

once again and this time last time the flag was changed by the People’s republic of Bulgaria. The indication of year 681, the year in which first Bulgarian empire was established was written on coat of arms. this flag was used from 1970 to 1990.

Blugaria flag in 1971

Current Bulgaria flag 1991-  :-

Bulgaria become republic in 1991 and soviet influenced has been ended in it. then country adopted the flag of 1878 and the coat of arms representing the Soviet influence has been removed from the flag. the flag was restored to tri-color with no coat of arms.

Current Bulgaria flag




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