Costa Rica flag: colors, meaning and history

Current Costa Rica flag
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Design and Description of Costa Rica flag :-

Costa Rica flag is a tri-color flag, it has five horizontal stripes, upper and lower stripe has blue color and the stripe after blue has white color.there is a single red stripe at the middle of Costa Rican flag. on the red stripe there is a white elliptical shaped disk placed toward the hoist-side of the red stripe contain the  the National Coat of Arms of Costa Rica. The size of red stripe is twice the size of other stripes, while other all stripes are equal in size. the proportion of flag is 3:5.

Costa Rica flag was designed by Pacífica Fernández and was adopted on November 27, 1906.

Meaning of Costa Rica flag :-

The blue color on Costa Rica flag represents the sky, opportunities at reach for nation, their intellectual thinking, perseverance, infinite, eternity, and ideals of the religious and spiritual desires; t

the white color represents joy, happiness, clear thinking, wisdom, power of postivity and beauty of the sky, desires for the search of new endeavors and peace

the red color on Costa Rican flag shows the warmth of the Costa Rican ation, their love with life, their sacrifices and bloodshed for freedom, and the generosity of the nation.

Costa Rica flag colors :-

Costa Rican flag colors were adopted from French flag. the color scheme of Costa Rica flag is given in table below.

Costa Rican flag Color Scheme :-

CMYK1.0 – 0.66 – 0.0 – 0.50.0 – 0.91 – 0.81 – 0.190.0 – 0.0 – 0.0 – 0.0.


History of Costa Rica flag :-

flag of Federal Republic of Central America 1821-1848 :-


During its colonial period, Costa Rica was a province of the Captaincy General of Guatemala, which was nominally part of the Viceroyalty of New Spain (i.e., Mexico), but which in practice operated as a largely autonomous entity within the Spanish Empire. As such, the land of present Costa Rica was covered by the various flags of the Spanish and Mexican Empires until 1823.

As the part of Federal Republic of Central America ( “United Provinces of Central America”), Costa Rica was a sovereign state in Central America and consisted of the territories of the former Captaincy General of Guatemala. As a republican democracy, it existed from July 1823 to 1841. During this period, Costa Rica used the flag of the United Provinces of Central America, along with variations specifically related to the State of Costa Rica within the United Provinces of Central America (a blue and white striped United Provinces flag, with the Costa Rican State Seal added).

When the Federal Republic of Central America unofficially dissolved by 1841, Costa Rica made a further modification to its specific variation of the United Provinces of Central America flag.

Costa Rica flag in 1821

bi-color three stripe flag used during September, 1821 – June 6, 1823

Costa Rica flag in 1823

six corner red star on white field flag used during June 6, 1823 – March 4, 1824


bi color flag with three stripes and coat of arms used during March 4 – November 2, 1824

Costa Rica flag in 1824

slight modification in previous flag used during November 2–22, 1824

Costa Rica flag in 1840

reversed color Costa Rica flag used during  April 21, 1840 – April 20, 1842

Costa Rica flag in 1842

September, 1842 – November 12, 1848

Costa Rica flag since 1848 :-

Current design of Costa Rican flag was first adopted in 1848. then slight modifications were made in Costa Rican  coat of arms which were placed on flag but the design of stripes and their color remains same.The blue, white and red horizontal design was by Pacífica Fernández, wife of the Costa Rican president of that time José María Castro Madriz.  Pacífica was inspired by French Revolution of 1848, and the creation of the French Second Republic. There for new design to the Costa Rican flag adopted the colors of the French tricolor flag.


Costa Rican flag from November 12, 1848 – November 27, 1906 :-

This flag was inspired by French flag , The blue color represent the sky, opportunities, idealism and perseverance. The white color used to show peace, wisdom and happiness. The red color defines the blood shed by martyrs in defense of the country, as well as the warmth and generosity of the people. The stripes are in the ratio 1:1:2:1:1. The coat of Arms were placed in the middle of the flag.

Costa Rica flag in 1848

Costa Rican flag from 1906 – 1964 :-

In 1906, when the coat of arms was modified, the updated version was placed in a white disk on the flag’s red stripe, and later on an oval, towards the hoist side. The coat of arms contains the isthmus between the Pacific ocean and the Caribbean Sea, along with 3 volcanoes. This version contains 5 stars . The name of the country is written on a white banner in spanish, Republica de Costa Rica (Republic of Costa Rica), and the Central American union is recognized in the blue upper scroll, America Central, recalling the former United Provinces of Central America.

Costa Rica flag in 1906

Flag of Costa Rica 1964- 

Slight modification was made in this version of Costa rica flag as the number of stars in coat of arms were increased from 5 to 7. the 7 stars actually represent the 7 provinces of Costa Rica.

Costa Rica flag in 1964

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