Ecuador flag: Colors, meaning and History

current Ecuador flag 1860-present
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Design and Description of Ecuador flag :-

Ecuador flag consist is a tri-color flag having three horizontal bands of yellow, blue and red colors. Yellow band is at top, blue at middle and red stripe at the bottom of the flag. Coat of arms of Ecuador is located at the center of Ecuador flag. The width of yellow stripe is double than blue and red one. Yellow stripe covers the half of the width of flag.

The design of Ecuador flag is very similar to those of Colombian flag and Venezuela flag,  All three are based on a design proposed by Venezuelan General Francisco de Miranda.

flag of Ecuador was initially adopted 26 September 1860, but the flag with current ratio was adopted in November 2009.


Coat of Arms of Ecuador :-

At the bottom of the oval shield is the mountain Chimborazo, while the river that comes from its base represents the Guayas. Chimborazo is also the highest mountain in Ecuador and belongs to the Andes range. The steamboat on the river is called Guayas too. The ship um was built in Guayaquil and was the first navegável steamship built in both Ecuador and South America. Faith um pouco de servço em 9 de outubro de 1841. The Navy has the characteristics of a Caduceus representing trade and economy. This tipo of mast has two wings enreding a pole com duas serpentes that a atmosfera. At the top, a golden sun surrounded by the astrological signs of the Carneiro derramar Carneiro, Touro, Gemini and cancro representing the months of marte In July derramar symbolize the duration of the Revolution of March 1845 which evidenciated the General Juan Jose Flores.

The condor on the shield ampliado para o simbolizador do poder, a grandeza e a força da educação. The condor representa tambem a ideia de est é certo estamos prontos para atacar. The shield is flanked by four national flags. The laurel of the left represented the victories of republica. A folha de palmeira sobre o lado direito um símbolo de mártires da luta para a independencia e a liberadade. The Fasces under the shield reveste a dignidade republica. The final design of the coat of arms was completed in 1900.Nas especificações of 1989 expedições to the Ecuadorian army, the coats of arms have only colors that estão disponíveis no leitor. The eight colors are yellow, blue, red (all of the national flag), sky blue, green, gray, silver and gold. There is also instrução one of nine pieces on how to draw the coat of arms, followed by a color drawing and a black and white drawing of the arms. Nenhuma especificação of tamanho não faith definitiva para os armarios, exceto para a utilização sobre o nacional.

coat of arms of Equador

Meaning of colors of Ecuador flag :-

Yellow color shows the abundance of rich fertile soil and the crops of Ecuador.

Blue color represents the sky and the sea surrounding the country of Ecuador.

Red color symbolizes the blood of all those martyrs and soldiers who were killed during the freedom movement of Ecuador.

Ecuador flag colors :-

Color scheme of flag of Ecuador :-

SchemeYellowUSAFA BlueRed pigment




Dark Goldenrod


La salle green
Hexffdd0003ea2 ed1c24452c25b87510086f35
RGB225, 221, 03, 78, 162237, 28, 3669, 44, 37184, 117, 16(8, 111, 53
CMYK0, 0.133, 0, 00.981, 0.518, 0.364, 0.3640, 0.881, 0.070, 0.0700, 0.362, 0.729, 0.7290, 0.364, 0.278, 0.2780.927, 0, 0.564, 0.564

History of Ecuador flag :-


After the territory of Ecuador was conquered by Sebastián de Benalcázar, the emblems doen Spanish Empire flew over the newly founded city of Quito.

The first request of independence of the Spanish crown arrived from 10 of eeuw van 1809; A plain red flag was taken by the rebels. Of beweging is onafhankelijk vanwege het ontstaan van of 1812 by, in het is vooral Juan Sámano. On October 9, 1820, a new flag, a blue and white bicolor, with five horizontal alternating strips and three white stars in the middle range, was created for the first time. Als vertegenwoordiger vertegenwoordigt Guayaquil, Portoviejo and Machala. This flag was later adopted by the Province of Guayas.

Gabriel García Moreno, when assuming the power two days after een Battle of Guayaquil in September of 1860, een tribe yellow, blue and red returned to use; Een nieuwe reintegration van 26 die gevestigd in een hedendaagse national flag of Ecuador Today. Previously, voor iedereen die verticale white, blue en heeft white. Geen middle of the blue band, maar er zijn ook colombia’s voor de betekenis van de provincie nr. Ecuador. The totaal is het altijd mogelijk om de tijd te stellen tegen het einde van de vlucht. In 1900 flag een was made the definitive national standard, and was commissioned doen coat for official use doen national government, While flag simple tijdperk reserved for the commercial navy.

Previous Ecuador flag Images:-

1. Spanish Colonial Flag (1534–1820):-

The Cross of Burgundy flag of the Spanish colonial empire. IT flew over Ecuador for many years.

Spanish colonial flag of Ecuador

2.Flag of the Quiteñan Revolution (1809–1812):-

This flag was adopted by the leader of rebellions against Spanish empire. they reversed the cross of Burgundy Spanish colonial flag.

Flag of the Quiteñan Revolution

3.First National Flag of Ecuador (1820–1822):-

this was the first national flag of Ecuador. It contained five horizontal stripes and three stars in the middle stripe. This flag subsequently became that of the Guayas Province, and was first raised by the patriots in the liberation of 9 October 1820.

first national Ecuador flag 1820-1822

4.Second National Flag of Ecuador (1822) :-

This was the second national Ecuador flag adopted in 1822. previous flag was changed by decree of 2 June 1822: “The flag of the free province of Guayaquil shall be white and its first quarter blue with a centered star.”

Second national Ecuador flag1822

5. Third National Flag of Ecuador(1822–1830):-

Ecuador was subsumed into Gran Colombia and the Colombian horizontal tricolour has been adopted as national flag of Ecuador. Although Ecuador spearated from that union in 1830, the flag was retained until 1845.

Third national Ecuador flag 1822-1830

6.Fourth National Flag of Ecuador (1830–1835):-

This was the provisional flag of Ecuador.  decreed on 19 November 1830.

fourth national Ecuador flag 1830-1835

7.Fifth National Flag of Ecuador(1835–1845):-

First flag used officially by Ecuador after its separation from Gran Colombia.

Fifth national Ecuador flag 1830-1845

8.Sixth National Flag of Ecuador (1845):-

During the 1845 Marxist Revolution the pale blue and white colors return, but as a vertical tricolor of white, blue, white, with three white stars in the central stripe.

Sixth national Ecuador flag 1845

9.Seventh National Flag of Ecuador (1845–1860) :-

The Cuenca Convention ratified, by decree of 6 November 1845, a change to a deeper blue, and the increase in the number of stars to seven “as symbols of the seven provinces which make up the Republic.

Seventh national Ecuador flag 1845-1860

10.Eighth National Flag of Ecuador(1860–present)

current Ecuador flag 1860-present


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