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Current French flag
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French flag design and description :-

French flag is a tri-colored flag having 3 vertical stripes of different colors. Blue stripe at the hoist side then white in the middle and red at the end. Blue and red stripes are due to the fact that these both are traditional colors of France. and white was added to represent loyalty and peace. the stripes are in equal proportion in France National flag meanwhile the proportion of Variant flag of French Republic is 30:33:37 with similar design, the modification in proportion of stripes was made on 17 May 1853 before that when it was first adopted in 15 Feb 1794 equal stripes were used.

The proportion of French flag is 2:3 and interesting fact is that the design of flag of France has been an inspiration for other countries flags. for example Haiti flag‘s colors have been adopted from French flag.

French flag meaning :-

There are several different meanings related with French flag and it’s colors specially.

Blue and red colors on French flag are said to be related with the virgin Marythe patroness of France, and were the colors of the Oriflamme (the sacred banner of the Abbey of St. Denis).

They also said to be represent the three famous different classes living in France during middle ages. (Clergy,Noble and Bourgeoisie). Bourgeoisie were said to be represented by blue and Noble were represented by red, the Clergies were represented by white. the one reason white has been placed between Blue and Red is said to be show the dominance of both classes over Clergies and that Clergies are Surrounded by them.

The three colors are often said to be represent the three elements of the revolutionary motto, liberté (freedom: blue), égalité (equality: white), fraternité (brotherhood: red).

another meaning of French flag colors explained by a French government website that the white is the color of the king, while blue and red were the colors of Paris.

French flag colors :-

Blue and Red are said to be the traditional colors of Paris and were used on Coat of Arms of Paris.

the official color scheme of France flag has been given in Table below.

France flag Color Scheme :-






Reflex BlueSafeRed 032

RGB0, 85, 164255, 255, 255

239, 65, 53




S 2656 R80B

Base color

S 0580 Y80R




Imperial Blue


Imperial Red




0, 35, 149255, 255, 255

237, 41, 57

CMYK1, 0.765, 0.415, 0.4150, 0, 0, 0

0, 0.827, 0.070, 0.070



French flag History :-

Tri color France flag 1790 to 1794 :-

French tri color was first adopted in 1794, color of France flag had been inspired from several different banners and cockades,  the specific cockades were circular rosette-like emblems attached to the hat. The Paris militia adopted a blue and red cockade. Blue and red were the traditional colors of Paris, and they are used on the city’s coat of arms.he blue and red cockade was presented to King Louis XVI . At first a tricolor French flag with vertical red, white and blue stripes was approved by the Constituent Assembly on 24 October 1790.


flag of paris from French flag has been adopted

Flag of Paris from which French tri color has been adopted

Tri-color cockade from which French flag has been adopted

The tricolor cockade, designed in July 1789. White was added to “nationalize” an earlier blue and red design.




Flag used by the Kingdom of France and the First French Republic from 1790 to 1794.

French tri-color flag from 1794 to 1815 :-

The order of colors was reversed from red-white-blue to blue-white-red which is also the current design of France flag, this was done by a resolution passed on 15 February 1794. Despite its official status, the tricolor flag of France was rarely used during the revolution.

Current French flag

Reversed flag of France in 1794

Kingdom of France flag 1815-1830 :-

Napoleon was defeated in 1815 and Bourbon Dynasty was restored in France. because tricolor represent the revolutionary ideas so it had been replaced by a plain white flag, the pre-revolutionary flag. However after the July Revolution of 1830, the “citizen-king”, Louis-Philippe, restored the tricolor, and it has remained France’s national flag since that time

French flag during kingdom of france

France flag from 1830 to till date :-

French flag has been restored in 1830 and remain same till now.

Current French flag

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