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current ghana flag
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Ghana flag Design and Description :-

Ghana flag is a tri-band flag having horizontal stripes of red, yellow and green color. this set of colors is also known as pan pacific colors and the Ghana flag was the second flag after Ethiopia flag which has these colors. it also has a black five pointed star exactly at the center of the flag.

The proportion of the flag is 2:3. it was Originally adopted in 1957 till 1962 and the re-adopted in 1966.

Ghana flag was designed by a stateswoman, teacher and artist “Theodosia Okoh”. 

Ghana flag meaning :-

the colors on flag of Ghana has very similar meaning to the other flags like Kenya flag and like Colombia flag.

its colors meanings are also very much similar with Namibia flag.

Red color on Ghana flag represent the blood shed of all those who sacrificed their lives during the freedom movement of Ghana.

Yellow color on Ghana flag shows the rich mineral resources of Ghana, specially the plenty of Gold under Ghana soil just like in Colombian flag.

Green color represent the agricultural friendly land, plains and forests of Ghana like Kenya flag.

Black color star represent the black people living in country.

Ghana flag colors :-

the color scheme of flag of Ghana flag has been given in table below.

Flag of Ghana Color Scheme :-

Color Scheme

Lava Red

Jonquil Yellow


Cadmium Green




206, 17, 38252, 209, 220, 0, 0

0, 107, 63


0, 0.917, 0.192, 0.1920, 0.170, 0.011, 0.0110, 0, 1, 1

1, 0, 0.580, 0.580

Ghana flag history :-

Flag of Kingdom of Ashanti (ancient Ghana) 1701–1957 :-

This was the flag of Ashanti empire it was an Akan empire and kingdom in what is now modern-day Ghana.


ancient ghana flag

 Kingdom of Ashanti Flag, the forerunner to the Gold Coast.

Flag of Gold Coast :-

when Ghana was a British Colony, it was known as gold coast a British colony on the Gulf of Guinea in west Africa. this flag was used during this time.

ghana flag under british

Flag of the Gold Coast, the forerunner to Ghana.

Flag of the Union of African States :-

Ghana-Guinea-Mali Union, was a short-lived and loose regional organization formed 1958 linking the West African nations of Ghana and Guinea as the Union of Independent African States. Mali joined in 1960. It disbanded in 1963. this flag was used as combine flag during this time.


african union flag as gana flag


Union of African states flag.

Ghana national flag 1957-1962 :-

This flag was adopted in 1957, it was the same flag which is being used now a days. it is very similar with the flag of Union of African Nations. but it has just one black star at center instead of 3.

current ghana flag

Ghana flag 1962-1966 :-

this flag was adopted for very short period of time, it was quite similar with the previous one the slight modification that was made was the replacement of yellow stripe with white stripe. this flag remain Ghana national flag for very short period of time. the colors of this flag were based on the colors of The Convention People’s Party, a socialist political party in Ghana based on the ideas of the first President of Ghana, Kwame Nkrumah.


Ghana flag from 1962-64

Current Ghana flag :-

The original 1957 flag was reinstated in 1966 following Nkrumah’s overthrow in a coup d’état.current ghana flag

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