Grenada flag: colors, meaning and history

current Grenada flag
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Design and Description of Grenada flag:-

The Grenada flag consists of a red border on the outside edge of the flag. In the horizontal bands of the corner, in the top and bottom, three yellow stars of five points are regularly spaced. The interior area of the Granada flag consists of two vertical yellow triangles facing each other and two horizontal green triangles facing each other. The points of the four triangles are in the center of the flag of Granada, and a red circle with a yellow five-pointed star is inside. On the left side of the flag of Granada, located inside the green triangle, there is a yellow and red nutmeg emblem.

Flag of Grenada was adopted on 7 February 1974. It was designed by Anthony C. George.

Meaning of Grenada flag:-

the yellow color of the flag of Granada symbolizes the sun and the kindness of the inhabitants;

the green color represents the vegetation and agriculture of the country;

the red color represents the courage and vitality of the people of Granada.

The yellow stars represent the seven parishes of the country.

Nutmeg means that Grenada is one of the world’s largest nutmeg producers.

The six stars on the red border represent the six parishes of the country, with the middle star, surrounded by a red disk, representing Carriacou and Little Martinique. The symbol on the winch represents a pod of nutmeg, one of the main crops of Granada. It also represents a link with the old name of Granada, which was “the island of spices.” The red color of the flag represents value and vitality, gold for wisdom and warmth, and green for vegetation and agriculture.

Colors of Grenada flag:-

Color Scheme



Tropical Rain Forest






(206, 17, 38)

(252, 209, 22)

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0, 0.917, 0.192, 0.192

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History and Previous images of Grenada flag:-


Flag of Grenada from 1805-1903:-

Grenada flag in 1875

Flag of Grenada from 1805-1903:-

Grenada flag in 1903

Flag of Grenada from 1805-1903:-

Grenada flag in 1967

current Grenada flag (1974- ):-

current Grenada flag


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