Guatemala flag: colors, meaning and history

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Guatemala flag design and description:-

Guatemala flag is a bi-color, tri-band flag having vertical stripes of sky blue (hoist side)-white (middle)-sky blue( fly side)  colors. At the center of the flag (on white band) there is coat of arms of Guatemala. The flag of Guatemala, is also known as “Pabellón Nacional” (literally, “National Flag”) or “Azuliblanco” (“Blue and White”).

The proportion of the Guatemalan flag is about 5:8.

The present Guatemala flag was adopted on 26 December 1997.

Coat of arms on Guatemala flag:-

The Guatemalan coat of arms includes:

A crown of laurel branches, a symbol of victory;
The resplendent quetzal, a bird symbolizing freedom;
A parchment in which LIBERTAD is written on September 15, 1821 in gold (September 15, 1821 is the date of the independence of Central America from Spain);
Two Remington rifles crossed with the bayonet indicate the will of Guatemala to defend itself by force if necessary;

Two crossed swords representing honor.

Guatemalan emblem present at the center of Guatemala flag

Guatemala flag meaning:-

Sky blue color on Guatemalan flag represent the sky above the country, two sky blue stripe means that country is surrounded by two oceans: Pacific ocean and Atlantic ocean ( Caribbean).

White stripe on flag of Guatemala shows the purity of Guatemalan nation and their love for peace and prosperity of their country.

In the center of the flag are the coat of arms of Guatemala. It includes the resplendent quetzal, the national bird of Guatemala that symbolizes freedom; a parchment with the date of the independence of Central America of Spain, September 15, 1821; crossed rifles, indicating the will of Guatemala to defend itself by force if necessary; a laurel wreath, symbol of victory; and crossed swords, which represent honor. The flag is one of only two national flags of UN member states to present a gun.

Guatemala flag colors:-

The blue and white colors, like those of several other countries in the region, are based on the flag of the former Federal Republic of Central America.

Color Scheme of Guatemalan flag:-

Color Scheme

Celestial BlueWhiteSap GreenMedium Champagne Liver (Organ)

Ash Grey


RGB(73, 151, 208)(255, 255, 255)(68, 129, 39)(249, 240, 170)(108, 48, 30)(178, 182, 186)
CMYK0.649, 0.274, 0.184, 0.1840, 0, 0, 00.472, 0, 0.494, 0.4940, 0.036, 0.023, 0.0230, 0.555, 0.576, 0.576

0.043, 0.021, 0.270, 0.270


Guatemala flag History :-

The flag of Central America was used in Guatemala until 1851, when a pro-Spanish faction took control and added the Spanish colors of red and yellow to the flag. The original colors were restored on August 17, 1871, but as vertical strips (instead of horizontal) to distinguish it from other flags and with a new shield.

The resplendent quetzal appeared in the decade of 1830 in the Pavilion of Los Altos, the sixth state of the Federal Republic.
Flag of the Towns, flag attributed to the indigenous peoples.
In 2008, a flag called Bandera de Los Pueblos was adopted by law and presented with the national flag of Guatemala in all events with the President of Guatemala since then. The flag is divided into four parts: red, yellow, white and black, each color represents the Xinca people, the Garífuna people, the Mayan people and the Ladino people.

These colors are also part of the Q’anil, a Mayan symbol in which each color represents a compass point, an element of nature and a part of the human being. Q’anil means “seed” in the Maya script, and is also used for one of the 20 days of the Mayan calendar. In order to promote “interculturality” in Guatemala, the People’s Flag was warmly welcomed by leaders of villages that do not appear to have been consulted.

Previous Guatemala flag images:-

Guatemalan flag 1825-1838 (in Central America):-

Guatemala flag from 1825-1838

Flag of Guatemala from 1838-1843:-

Guatemala flag from 1838-1843

Flag of Guatemala from 1843-1851:-

Guatemala flag from 1843-1851

Guatemala flag from 1851-1858:-

Guatemala flag from 1851-1858

Guatemala flag 1858-1871:-

Guatemala flag from 1858-1871


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