Kiribati flag: colors, meaning and History

Kiribati flag
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Kiribati flag design and description:-

Kiribati flag has been divided into two parts. Bottom half of of Kiribati flag is made up of six alternating blue and white wavy shaped stripes, Wavy stripes represent the sea water. The upper half of flag consist of  red field and a yellow/gold half sun with 17 rays in the middle of the flag. Above the golden sun there is a yellow/gold frigate bird flying towards the left side of the flag.

Flag of Kiribati was adopted on 12 July 1979.

It is also an armorial banner, (a flag having a design exactly same to that of the shield in the coat of arms).

Kiribati flag meaning:-

The bird on flag of Kiribati represents the authority, freedom and command over sea of the people of Kiribati.

The rising sun on Kiribati flag over the red sky shows the equator.

The 17 rays of the rising half-sun represent the 16  Gilbert islands and Banaba (former Ocean Island).

The blue and white wavy lines represent the Pacific Ocean which circles around the country.

The whole image of Kiribati’s flag actually shows the geographical location of the islands of Kiribati’s, spread out over the equator for over 4000 kilometers and cover over two million square kilometers of the Pacific Ocean.

Kiribati flag colors:-

Color scheme of flag of Kiribati:-

Color Scheme

LavaJonquil White

Dark Cerulean

RGB(206, 17, 38)(252, 209, 22)(255, 255, 255)(0, 63, 135)
CMYK0, 0.917, 0.192, 0.1920, 0.170, 0.011, 0.0110, 0, 0, 01, 0.533, 0.470, 0.470

Kiribati flag history:-

Kiribati flag  during British rule (Gilbert Islands flag) :-

During colonial rule of Britain, flag of Kiribati was also like other Australian countries flag, like Australian flag and New Zealand flag it had blue field and a Union jack at top left side (hoist side) and like Fiji flag it had it’s coat of arms at the center. It was adopted on May 1937 Kiribati was known as  Gilbert and Ellice Islands, as Kiribati and Tuvalu.

Kiribati flag (Gilbert island flag))during British rule

Kiribati flag (1972- )

Shortly before independence was granted to Kiribati in 1979, a local competition was organized to select a new national flag, and a drawing based on the colonial coat of arms was presented at the College of Coats of Arms. The College of Arms decided to change this design. The golden frigate bird and the sun have been enlarged to occupy more of the top of the flag and the width of the blue and white corrugated strips has been reduced. However, local people insisted on the original design, in which the upper and lower half of the flag was the same, the sun and the small local frigate, and various design elements highlighted in black. The new flag was raised during the Independence Day celebrations in the capital Tarawa on July 12, 1979.

Kiribati flag


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