Myanmar flag: Colors, meaning and History

Current Myanmar flag
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Design and Description of Myanmar flag :-

Myanmar flag or Burma flag is a tri-color flag having three horizontal stripes of yellow (at top), green (in middle) and red (at bottom) colors. A big five-pointed white star is at the center of the flag of Myanmar, one pointed corner of star goes inside the upper yellow stripe, two pointed corners and major part of star’s body is in  yellow stripe white two pointed corners touches on the red part of the flag.

Myanmar flag was adopted on October 21, 2010. 

Construction sheet of Myanmar flag

Construction sheet of Myanmar flag/ Burma flag.

meaning of Myanmar flag :-

Yellow color on flag of Myanmar represents the solidarity of the nation.

Green color on Myanmar flag symbolizes the peace, tranquility and the greenery of plains and agriculture of the country of Myanmar.

Red color on flag of Myanmar represent the Courage and determination of people of Myanmar.

White star at the center of Myanmar flag symbolizes the significance and the unification of the country.


Colors of Myanmar flag :-

The colors of Myanmar flag (yellow, green and red) are actually considered as Pan-African colors and used mostly in African countries flags like Ghana, Kenya and in South African flag . Pan-African colors also used in Caribbean countries flags such as Jamaica flag. therefore even some time Myanmar flag has been confused as flag of some African country.

The color scheme of Myanmar flag has been given in the table below.

Color Scheme of Flag of Myanmar :-

CMYK0, 20, 100, 071, 0, 71, 300, 83, 76, 80, 0, 0, 0

Myanmar flag History :-

Hanthawaddy Kingdom flag (1300-1500) :-

This was the flag of Myanmar in ancient times when the area was under Hantawaddy kingdom. this flag has a green field and a yellow peacock with closed tail is standing at the center of the flag. Peacock is used in different shapes on different Burma flags with the time.

Hanthawaddy Kingdom(ancient Myanmar flag)

Konbaung dynasty flag (1752-1885) :-

This flag was adopted during Kongaung dynasty during the era of third Burmese empire. this version has a white field and again contains a peacock with different shape then the previous flag also with an open tail and front pose.

ancient Myanmar flag (Alaungpaya Dynasty of Myan)

British Burma (as part of India) flag (1824-1937) :-

Burma became British colony as part of India in 1820s. the red British ensign was then used along with the yellow flower at the right side. the union flag at the top left side represent the region as under British Control and the flower shows Burma as the part of India.

Myanmar flag during British era

British Burma (as Separate Colony) flag (1939-1941) :-

Burma separated from India but remain as British colony in 1939. then new flag was adopted to represent it as separate British colony. this time blue British ensign was adopted with union flag at the top left corner. and the flower has been replaced by peacock which consider as national symbol of Burma.

Myanmar flag during British era (British Burma flag)

Flag of British Burma (1941-1942) :-

In 1941 British ensign (Union Jack) had been removed from Burma flag and the Peacock has been placed at the center with much larger in size than the previous flag.

Myanmar flag in 1941

Burma flag under Japanese rule (1942-1943) :-

Burma came under Japanese influence during WWII. then its flag had been removed during this time and Japanese flag had been used as the flag of Burma.

Japanese flag as Myanmar flag

State of Burma flag (1943-1945) :

In 1943 first time a flag was adopted which was very similar with the current version of Myanmar flag. this was a tri-color having similar color combination as of today’s flag. it had a white disk and the national symbol (Peacock) at the center of the flag.

Myanmar flag(state of Burma) in 1943-45

Simplified State of Burma flag (1945) :-

The simplified version of State of Burma flag it had similar colors and combination the only difference was that the design of Peacock on white disk had been simplified for the sake of designers or printers.

Myanmar flag (Simplified flag of the State of Burma)

Flag of British Burma as a separate colony (1945-1948) :-

the flag of British controlled Burma which was adopted in 1939 had been adopted again.

Myanmar flag during British era (British Burma flag)

Union of Burma flag (1948-1974) :-

This was the first flag of Burma (Myanmar today) it was adopted on the same day Burma got independence from British rule. the design of this flag had been adopted from the red and white star flags originated in the Burmese Resistance, when they were fighting the occupying Japanese forces during World War II.

this flag contains a red field with a blue canton. The blue canton has one large five pointed white star, representing the union of Burma, surrounded by 5 smaller white five pointed stars representing the main ethnic groups found within the newly independent state of Burma. This flag had been used till January has a ratio of 5:9

Myanmar flag from 1948 to 1974

Socialist Republic of the Union of Burma flag (1974-2010) :-

This new flag adopted on 3 January 1974 upon the declaration of a socialist republic by Ne Win. IT has a similar ratio as the previous flag but the 5 stars in blue canton had been replaced by 14 stars, encircling a gear and a rice plant. The rice plant represents the agriculture of the country, the gear represents industry, and the 14 stars symbolizes each of the 14 member states of the Union. The 14-star flag was hung upside down during the 8888 Uprising of 1988 by the protesters as a sign of protest against the military government.

Myanmar flag from 1974 to 2010

Current Myanmar (Burma) flag (2010- ) :-

A new idea for the design of national flag of Myanmar was proposed on 10 November 2006 during a constitutional convention. This new flag design was consisted of three equally sized stripes of  Green, yellow and red colors and a white star in the hoist end of the green stripe.

In September 2007 another new idea for the design was proposed,with a larger white star in the middle and changed order of stripes, yellow, green, red. That same order was used in the flag of the State of Burma during the Japanese occupation of Burma, which featured a green peacock in the center.

The proposal was a fusion of the flag of the State of Burma without the royal peacock, taking instead the white star that symbolized the Union of Burma in the canton of its flag.

The flag proposed in September 2007 was included in the new constitution, and was accepted with the 2008 referendum. and on 21 October 2010 new Myanmar flag had been adopted.

Current Myanmar flag

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