Nigeria flag: colors, meaning and history

Nigeria flag
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Nigeria flag design and description:-

Nigeria flag has a quite simpler design having 3 vertical bands of Green, white and Green respectively. The stripes on Nigerian flag are equal in size and the proportion of flag is 1:2.

flag of Nigeria was adopted on 1 October 1960 (57 years ago) immediately after it’s independence, it was designed by Michael Taiwo Akinkunmi who was a Nigerian civil servant and commonly known as “Mr.Flag man”.

Nigeria flag meaning:-

Nigeria flag colors has almost the same meaning like other African countries flags.

like kenya flag or other African flags Green color on Nigerian flag shows the green planes, fields, vegetation, agriculture and forests of Nigeria.

Like Madagascar flag White color on flag of Nigeria shows the peace, prosperity and purity of the nation.

White stripe is surrounded by green stripes to show that Nigeria is a rich green country with the hope of living wit peace and purity.

Nigeria flag colors:-

Nigerian flag Color Scheme:-

Color Scheme

Spanish Green


CMYK1, 0, 0.470, 0.4700,0,0,0
RGB(0, 135, 81)255, 255, 255

Nigeria flag history:-

The national flag is an adaptation of the winning entry of Michael Taiwo Akinkunmi in a contest held in 1959. The original presentation had a red radiating sun logo in the middle triptych of a white vertical with a green vertical on each side. After the badge was removed by the judges, the flag remained unchanged.

original proposal of Nigeria flag

Nigerian flag original design proposed by Michael Taiwo Akinkunmi

Like other countries, Nigeria has special signs for civil and naval ships. Some of its states also have flags.
Akinkunmi was a twenty-three year old student when he designed the flag. He studied at the Technical University of Norwich in London, England, when he saw an advertisement in a newspaper that submissions were accepted for the design of a new national flag of Nigeria. In 1959, the design of Akinkunmi was chosen as the winner and, with adaptations, was officially used on 1 October 1960, the Independence Day of Nigeria.

Some Rules about Nigeria flag:-

When the Nigerian flag is flying, no other flag, emblem or badge shall be placed on the flag. Old or worn Nigerian flags should never be displayed. When a Nigerian flag becomes dirty, old, torn or mutilated, it must be destroyed by fire or any other method of respect.
Nigerian law considers that using or displaying the Nigerian flag incorrectly constitutes an offense. The law states that: “Any person who steals or exhibits the national flag in a disfigured or bad state shall be guilty of an offense against this Ordinance.”

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