Oman flag

Oman Flag
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Oman flag Design and Description :-

Oman flag is a tri-color flag having horizontal stripes of white at the top, red in middle and green at the bottom of the flag. At hoist side there is another red stripe which is vertical. The coat of arms of Oman is placed at the top of that vertical red stripe. The coat of arms of Oman or the emblem of Sultanate of Oman contains two swords placed in cross shape and a curved dagger (Khanjar) inside its sheath between those swords.

Oman flag was adopted on 25 April 1995, though its design is quite similar with the one adopted in 1975. The proportion of flag of Oman is about 1:2.

oman coat of arms

Coat of Arms of Oman

Oman flag Meaning :-

White color on Oman flag represent the peace and prosperity of the nation, it also religiously symbolizes the Imam of Oman (Religious leader) and also some times the political rival of Sultan.

Red color is actually the common color of Gulf countries flags.

Green color on Oman flag symbolizes the “Green Mountains” of Oman towards the north of the country and specifically “Jabl-al-Akadr”.

Oman flag colors :-

The color scheme of Oman flag has been given in table below :-

SchemeWhiteLava redAO(English)
RGB255,255,255219, 22, 270, 128, 0
CMYK0, 0, 0, 00, 0.899, 0.141, 0.1411, 0, 0.498, 0.498

History of Oman flag :-

Flag from Oman from 1970 to 1985 :-

In 1970 Sultan of Oman Introduced first flag of Oman containing horizontal tri-bands. Before this Oman used the plain red banner of the Indigenous people. This flag contain tri-color bands of White, green and red color. The national Coat of Arms of Oman , the badge of the Albusaidi Dynasty, was placed at the top left corner (hoist side) of the flag. That flag was very similar with the current flag; the only difference was the red stripe in middle was far less thin than of the current stripe, approximately one fifth of its height, the other bands two-fifths.

oman flag 1

Flag of Oman from 1985 to 1995 :-

This flag was almost similar with the previous one with slight difference in Red color scheme and proportion of the flag.

oman flag 2

Flag of Oman from 1995 :-

Again slight changes were made in Oman flag in 1995, the change include the proportion of red color stripe, and it has been made equal to the other two stripes in both length and also in width.

current oman flag

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