South African flag

South African flag
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South African flag Design and Description :-

South African flag consist of horizontal stripes of red (at the top) and blue (on the bottom), both stripe has equal width and length,both stripes ended in diagonal shape , they are separated by a white and green band at the center which splits into the shape of horizontal “Y” , and the “Y” shape ends at the hoist side of the flag. A black isosceles triangle between that “Y” shape and arms of “Y” are separated by narrow yellow bands in horizontal “V” shape .

The stripes at the Hoist side of the African flag are in the ratio of 5:1:3:1:5. The proportion of South African flag is 2:3.

South African flag was designed by State Herald of South Africa “Frederick Brownell” and was adopted on 27 April 1994.

Construction Sheet of South Africa flag :-

South African flag construction sheet

South African flag meaning :-

Red color represent the blood shed of all those who had been martyred and killed during South African freedom movement.

Blue color on African flag represent the open sky above the South African land and the seas and rivers of Africa.

Green Color on African flag shows the vast fertile agricultural lands and the forests of the country.

Black color African flag defines the black people of the Africa.

White color African flag shows the Europeans who were living in South Africa.

Yellow color African represent the gold, which was found in very high quantity under the land of South Africa.

“Y” shape shows the diversity of the people, cultures, religions living together in single country and their unity with each other.




Colors of South African flag :-

Colors of south African flag has been adopted from two major flags, the colors black, green and yellow have been adopted from the flag of most popular revolutionary leader of Africa, “Nelson Mandela”. and the colors red, white and blue from the African National Congress and the former Boer republics flags.

the color scheme of South African flag has been given in the table below.

Color Scheme of South African flag :-



Dark Tangerine

Spanish Viridian


CG Red

Imperial Blue
RGB0, 0, 0255,182,180, 122, 77255,255,255222, 56, 490, 35, 149
CMYK0, 0, 1, 10, 0.286, 0, 01, 0, 0.521, 0.5210, 0, 0, 00, 0.747, 0.129, 0.1291, 0.765, 0.415, 0.415

History of South African flag :-

South African flag during 1910 to 1928 :-

In 1910 four colonies combine to form Union of South Africa, then individual flags of these colonies had been discarded, and new South African flags were came into being. British Union Jack was placed at the top left corner (Hoist side) to show the dominance of United Kingdom over Africa and South African coat of arms placed at the center of the flag. These ensign were not intended to be used as the South African Union’s national flag,  but still they were used by some people as such. The primary purpose of these flags was to use them as maritime flags but they were also flown on land. following flags were used during this time.

South African flag in 1910

The Blue Ensign flown over Union’s offices between 1910-1928.


South African flag in 1910

South Africa’s de facto national flag(red ensign) between 1910-1928 flown at times from Government buildings.

South African flag in 1912

The Red Ensign was slightly modified in 1912, shield was placed on a white disc to make it easily recognizable. The Red Ensign continued to be used as the flag of the South African merchant marine until 1951.

these flags never become so popular as local Africans saw British as invaders thus the design of these flags offended them.

South African flag from 1928 to 1994 :-

due to lack of Popularity of Union flag the new coalition in 1925 introduced a Bill in Parliament to adopt a new flag for the Union of South Africa. It was also used as the flag of South-West Africa (now Namibia). when it was under South African rule, after independence they adopt their different Namibia flag. The flag design was based on  the Dutch flag, it was a tri-color flag having horizontal stripes of Orange, White and Blue colors, and the flag of the United Kingdom at left, the flag of the Orange Free State at center and the flag of the South African Republic at left were placed at the center of the flag on white stripe.

This South African flag was also known as Oranje, Blanje, Blou (Afrikaans: ‘orange, white, blue’). It was adopted in 1928  from first Afrikaner majority government and was replaced by the current flag of South Africa in 1994 .Though the design of the flag still had Controversy as some people viewing it as symbol of history and Afrikaner heritage while others view it as a symbol of white supremacy.


South African flag from 1928 to 1994

South African flag used from 1928 to 1944

symbols arranged at the center of the South African flag

flags that were placed at the center of South African flag of 1928

Current South African flag 1994-  :-

After lot of controversies on previous design, Cyril Ramaphosa and Roelf Meyer, the chief negotiators of the African National Congress and the National Party government of the day respectively in 1994 , were given the task of resolving the flag dispute and final design was adopted on 15 March 1994, derived from a design developed by the State Herald Fred Brownell, who also designed the Flag of Namibia. This new flag was hoisted for the first time on the 27 April 1994.

South African flag

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